Common Mechanical Switch Colors On Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboard on the market, on average is a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboard is the most popular type of keyboard because it has an appeal with its distinctive sound. Moreover, mechanical keyboards have a variety of price ranges that can be purchased by everyone. Mechanical keyboards generally have 4 types of color switches which is, red, brown, blue, and black. Each switch has its own function. So choose a switch that fits your playing style.

Red Switch

Red switch is recommended for those of you who like to play for a long duration. This switch color is also the right choice if you are looking for a keyboard that is not easy to make your fingers tired. When pressing the button, you will feel light tactile and it feels like not pressing the button, and the sound produced is quiet. On the other hand, for those of you who are used to typing by pressing the keyboard hard, maybe you will feel less sensation with red switch.

Brown Switch

If this is your first time using a gaming keyboard, we recommend choosing a keyboard with a brown switch. The brown switch sequence is right between the red and blue switch. So, this type has a tactile that is more stable than the red switch, but quieter than the blue switch.

If you have doubts about choosing the red switch or blue switch, you can try the brown switch first. If you want a lighter tactile, choose the red switch. On the other hand, choose the blue switch for a better typing sensation.

Blue Switch

If you want to feel a satisfying tactile when typing, choose a keyboard with blue switch. When the button is pressed, this type will bounce strongly so that the response feels more satisfying. In addition, you can feel its own satisfaction when pressing and typing.

However, the sound produced from the keyboard with blue switch tends to be louder. This makes it less suitable for use in quiet environments. The blue switch keyboard is suitable for environments where you don’t have to worry about loud noises.

Black Switch

When playing games, the speed of reflexes when typing is very important and needed. Gaming keyboard with black switch has a fast response and sounds that tend to be quiet. This gaming keyboard does answer the needs of players who want to type quickly.

However, you will get tired more quickly when using a black switch keyboard. Therefore, this keyboard is suitable for advanced level players who are used to playing and recognize the rhythm of the game.

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