How To Use Pin Comments Feature In Instagram

Along with the presence of Instagram’s new feature that allows users to delete more than one comment at a time, they are also testing the ‘pin comments’ feature for some users of the social media application.

This pin comment feature is known to have a concept similar to the pin comment feature on YouTube. Instagram post owners can later choose the comments they want to mark or pin to appear in the first row.

It is known that users can pin a maximum of three comments. Besides that users whose comments are pinned will get notifications from Instagram.

“Pin up to 3 comments to appear at the top of your post to make room for positive comments. When you pin a comment, we will notify the user who wrote the comment.”

Later comments that are pinned by the user will bring up a text that reads ‘Pinned’. Of course the presence of this feature is very helpful for the owner of the post to highlight a comment.

To use the pin comments feature, users only need to press the comment that they want to pinned in about 1 second and then there will be a ‘pin’ logo located at the top of the application.

Users who have just tried the feature will be given brief information from Instagram regarding the function of the feature. Good luck trying.

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