LG Is Preparing A Roll Screen Smartphone

Recently, flexible screen technology has begun to be used by several smartphone brands to create innovative new smartphones. For example, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip by utilizing its flexible display technology.

But recently there is the latest news that says that LG is currently preparing a new smartphone that uses folding screen technology. It is known that the smartphone comes with the name Project B.

It is said that the Project B smartphone made by LG will come with a rolling screen concept. LG itself actually has patented the design of the roll screen smartphone last year.

LG is currently reportedly producing prototype products for Project B at their factory located in PyeongTaek, South Korea.

Actually it is not too difficult for LG to make a device with a rolling screen concept. Because in 2019, LG had announced an OLED TV called the LG Signature OLED TV R which comes with a roll screen concept.

But for this Project B smartphone, LG doesn’t seem to be using their own screen but rather a flexible screen made by one of the well-known screen manufacturers from China, BOE.

The plan is a roll screen smartphone made by LG will be launched in the year 2021. Let’s wait for the development of the new product made by LG.

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