Sony Will Change Their Name In 2021

Sony is currently known as one of the technology companies which is engaged in many sectors. Currently it has produced technology products such as televisions, speakers, smartphones, to gaming consoles.

The company that has been established for decades has now become a very well-known company and the name ‘Sony’ is already widely known throughout the world.

But recently Sony is rumored to be changing the name of their company. It is said that the Japanese company plans to change the name of the company from Sony to Sony Group.

The change in name of the company has also been approved by shareholders so that the plan will most likely be realized. Sony CEO Yoshida Kenichiro said:

“We decided to change the name of the company to Sony Group because we want to utilize our business diversity to promote business development and evolution.”

Changing the name of the Sony company itself is not the first time this has happened. Before 1958, Sony was actually a technology company that had the name Tokyo Telecommunications Industry Co., Ltd. before it was changed to Sony.

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