Galax Releases Geforce GTX 1650 Ultra With RTX Chip

At the time of the release of the NVIDIA GPU which was aimed at the middle class, Nvidia had released their 16 series of 1660 and 1650, but with the intense competition, NVIDIA did not just sit there, they had taken steps to provide their “SUPER” version.

Which arguably has made gamers or PC Builders confused, because of the many options offered by NVIDIA, starting from the GTX 1650, then followed by the emergence of the GTX 1650 with the Gddr 6 variant, coming again with the Super version. Above 1650 there are 3 more variants that have more power than the GPU that is 1660, coming again with the 1660 Super variant, and the highest in the 16 series is 1660 Ti.

With its many variants, you could say that it has made gamers confused about which series to choose because of the many variants given. This time for PC lovers or PC Builders, it seems like they were made dizzy again because the 1650 variant was given another new version, the 1650 “ULTRA”.

This 1650 ULTRA is released by GALAX, from the specifications it can be said that it will mediate the 1650 SUPER variant with the GDDR 6 variant, but there is an interesting thing on the GPU, which in the 1650 ULTRA variant, they uses the chip that was previously used in the RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 Series, the TU106 -125 chip, and has the same specifications as the 1650 variant with GDDR 6.

But unfortunately there is no further information about what price will be offered by Galax, and also there is no further information about whether the GPU will be distributed worldwide or only specialized in a country.

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