Next-gen Console Are Able to Display Image Equivalent to Film

One of Epic Games Chief Technology Officer, Kim Liberi said that the next-gen console was able to make his dream come true. Thanks to Nanite Unreal Engine 5 technology that can be run by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, finally his dream has been to bring “movie-quality” assets to a game can be realized. Through his interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK Kim said:

“Next-gen graphics and processing power not only make a game more immersive, but also allow developers to present a new gameplay formula that can take advantage of a fully dynamic environment and lighting, much better physics, smarter AI, and more multiplayer experience.”

According to Epic, Unreal Engine 5 is predicted to be able to make developers import film-quality source art consisting of hundreds of millions to billions of polygons directly into the engine.


Nanite technology will then increase the scale of these assets in real time, which certainly will reduce the time needed to adjust to the performance of a game significantly without any reduction in visual quality.

In addition, Liberi also added that Unreal Engine 5 will give the creator the freedom to create his best work without any restrictions as they experienced in the previous era.

Unreal Engine 5 itself is planned to be released around the end of 2021 and most likely will be used as a game engine that will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PCs soon.

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