Various classes of cars in the Dirt 5

The arrival of Dirt 5 with a new color, has made the fans feel the latest atmosphere what Codemasters feel, because you could say that Dirt lovers were probably not really likes the previous series of their Dirt Rally 2.0, because of its handling which is almost included in the category of Sim racing , not Arcade like in the era of Dirt 3 which was welcomed by Dirt lovers with their Arcades Handling.

Last June, Codemasters released a video about Career Overview which showed some well-known Voice actors, Nolan North and Troy Baker, then accompanied by one of the automotive media that “Hits” in America, Donut Media. Which explains a little Background Story from the cast that we will play later. After that, some YouTubers who especially play racing games have been given a demo game code to try and simultaneously promote the game.



This time Dirt 5 has officially provided information about car classes that you can play later, which of course gamers who love racing games like that, because remembering when playing a rally racing game is certainly like lacking if there are no classes in the car The rally, including:

Cross Raid

These car are dedicated to difficult terrain, one of which is the Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 and Laffite G-Tec X-Road.

Rock Bouncer

Cars that have very large tires, strong suspension, followed by a large roll cage to hit a very tough terrain.

Rally Cross

Rally cars that are destined for races such as Circuit, then have a fairly large acceleration, which is very useful for returning to the lane after hitting sharp turns.

Off Road Formula

Cars that have a large enough power and power are coupled with large serrated tires, which are designated Stampede Events on Dirt 5.

Classic Rally

Cars that have a historical impression in their era, such as the Fiat 131 Abarth, then the Porsche 924 GTS Rallye which reminds us of one of the “Golden Era Rally” of his era.

80’s And 90’s Rally

The years that became one of the most famous times of extremely dangerous racing and competition between 2 car manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi and Subaru, and legendary Group B cars such as the Ford RS 200 and Porsche 959.

GT Rally

Just like the Dirt rally 2.0 which presents exotic cars brought to play on the Land such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT-4 and Porsche 911 R-GT


Classes that have monster specifications such as car powers touch 900 Horsepower and have very large spoilers.

Pre Runners

Classes are like SUVs and other all terrain cars, such as the Aston Martin DBX, and others.

Super Lites

Car class that really heavy but has a great power, one example is Ariel Nomad, Exomotive Exocet Offroad, and others.


Truck car class that has a very large power, which can bulldoze all terrain in the Dirt 5 game, one of which is the Jimco Unlimited Truck, Brenthel Industries Unlimited Truck. Or some of us know him with Steel Truck.

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