PS5 Controller, Dualsense, Has A Fairly Large Size

Since the release of the first PlayStation, a lot of small problems have not been solved properly by Sony Interactive Entertainment. One of them is the shape of the controller itself, DualShock which has a size that is adjusted to the hands of a small Asian. Makes various reasons for players, especially western players, to prefer their competitors ( XBOX ) to have controllers that are the right size for their hands.


With the growing popularity of the console made by Sony in the western market. It seems like the Japanese company has thought carefully about the solution to the problem. Which is by presenting DualSense for PlayStation 5 as the replacement of the DualShock controller series which has evolved over four generations.

Interestingly, according to the ResetEra, a forum where the image was leaked, this controller seems to have a much larger size than DualShock. According to the picture that looks quite convincing with the lighting, it appears that DualSense has a much bigger and thicker size than DualShock. A thing that is not surprising, considering the PlayStation 5 itself is rumored to be one of the largest consoles ever.

The picture does look very convincing, but did not rule out the possibility that the image is a 3D model that was remade. Of course we cannot trust it 100%, because it could be just an illusion of a 3D model that is very well made including lighting. No exception to the form of images that are not so clear, considering the current smartphone camera, has been able to provide images that are almost close to the original camera. At least not like the picture above.

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