The Sequel Of Ready Player One Will Be Released This Year

The Ready Player One film, released in 2018, then certainly gives a fantasy picture of how approximately when virtual reality (VR) which is now present develops to be used as an escape for people to enjoy their second lives in the virtual world. The film worked on by the director The famous Steven Spielberg managed to capture how the world of video games turned into a second world for humans to enjoy life.

And if you really like the first film, then you can be happy because the sequel to Ready Player One will be released soon this year, on November 24, 2020. But the sequel discussed here is not for the film, but for the novel which is the source material of the film.

For information, the original novel from Ready Player One is written by Ernest Cline, which was released 7 years before the film adaptation surfaced, in 2011. The novel itself has received the title of bestseller and has been translated into 37 languages.

And the sequel to his novel, titled Ready Player Two, is being prepared for release. Just like in his first novel and film adaptation, this sequel will still tell Wade Watts in a future era where it is likely that the story will continue from what has happened in the first series.

Unfortunately there is no information regarding the story of Ready Player Two hereinafter. And for the sequel to the film adaptation itself, of course it cannot be ascertained especially with the condition of the world that is like this. But when we look at the first film that has a big profit, there seems to be great hope that the film will be made in the future.

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