NVIDIA Registered Trademarks For 3080, 4080 And 5080

NVIDIA is a company that has experience in making Graphic Cards (GPU). For years, NVIDIA has dominated the GPU market worldwide.

Recently in a Resetera forum, someone named KSweeley discovered information that NVIDIA had just registered trademarks for 3080, 4080 and 5080 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

There is also speculation circulating in the forum that explains each of these number :

  • 3080 – “Ampere” (2020) 7nm (maybe other Ampere cards will be on Samsung’s 8nm node)
  • 4080 – “Hopper” – This would be where Nvidia’s MCM (multi chip module) patent comes into play (2022?) – 5nm FinFET
  • 5080 – speculation, Nvidia’s architecture after “Hopper” will be named either “Einstein” or “Hawking” (just a guess) finally Nvidia naming a GPU architecture after one of the biggest scientific names of the 20th century. (2024?) – 3nm GAA.

From the information above only 3080 is almost certainly a new GPU model, where there have been many leaks regarding GPU RTX 3080. While for 4080 and 5080 there is still no further information about it, but looking at its name it is likely to be the name of the next NVIDIA GPU.

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