Nier Reincarnation Showcases Beautiful Graphics Through New Trailer

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nier’s presence, Square Enix announced the presence of Nier’s mobile game titled Nier Reincarnation. Announced some time ago, now Nier Reincarnation is showing a new trailer with beautiful graphics.

Shown through a 2-minute video, Nier Reincarnation introduces its main gameplay mechanism that carries turn-based RPGs. Through the trailer as well, Square Enix shows the cool graphics of the development game. Do not forget, the game will also have a gacha-system to get new characters, such as what is found in mobile turn-based RPG games in general.



Nier Reincarnation itself will have a main character that is different from the previous Nier franchise, the main character is told to have a “companion” named Mama who always accompanies him.





For the release date itself, Nier Reincarnation will only enter the closed-beta stage for the Japanese region on the July 29th 2020, with the closed-beta code only being distributed to the lucky Japanese Square Enix account holder. It is still unclear whether other regions will have the opportunity to take part in the closed-beta or not.

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