Dragon’s Dogma Get An Anime Adaptation

Recently, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma Game was announced will get an anime adaptation soon. This arguably underrated game is in collaboration with Netflix, and the anime adaptation is planned to air on September 17th 2020.

The information that Netflix will present an anime based on Dragon’s Dogma itself appeared about a year ago, but now fans are finally able to see the appearance of the poster and the visuals produced by Sublimation Studio.

For you who are unfamiliar with this game, Dragon’s Dogma is an adventure game that combines RPG with a few elements in the style of Monster Hunter, where players will face a variety of legendary creatures such as Cyclops, Gryphon, Dragons and many more. But what’s not less interesting is that Dragon’s Dogma has a Pawn system or some kind of follower character that we can create and manage ourselves and can borrow from other players.

The plot between the game and the anime’s adaptation does not seem to be much different, where the protagonist has the ambition to hunt the dragon that has stolen his heart.

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