The Physical Version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Will Contain 10 Discs

Buying a physical version of the game may now have begun to be abandoned by many gamers, especially PC gamers. Especially with the increasing size of one game while the disc or DVD storage media also seems to lag behind because it has also switched to cloud storage media or the other.

But this seems reasonable, because the proof is that when the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 game that will be released releases the physical version, it will contain 10 DVDs. This was leaked by a member of Aerosoft’s publisher, showing in a post on his forum the appearance of the physical version that will be released soon.

In the bundle you can see 6 visible DVDs (and 4 others on the opposite side) as well as the game’s manual print book. The DVD that is used alone is not an ordinary DVD but a double-layer DVD. Judging from the contents of these 10 DVDs, it is informed that the physical version will contain the game code, about 90 GB are files from the digital world of the game, there are also “optional online streaming content” and also optional files from third parties.

Of course, these 10 DVDs are indeed needed considering the game size alone reaches 150 GB based on the game’s specification requirements. But that does not mean you can play the game right away just by buying the physical version. Because as previously reported that the physical version of the game will only load approximately 90 GB. As for the rest of the game files, of course you have to keep downloading them via an internet connection.

Regarding the price of the physical version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the standard edition will be priced at € 69.99 while the premium version is priced at € 129.99. And keep in mind that a stable internet connection is not only needed to download the game, but also as long as you play because an internet connection is needed to stream data to add detail to the world in the game.

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