TOP 5 Anime Mobile Game

Anime and games are two things that are very closely related. Lots of games that adopt the anime style, whether it’s artwork provided, or a character design offered. Nowadays, more and more mobile games are adopting anime styles. Especially games that have the RPG genre.

Not just offering “fanservice” some of the best-selling games in the market in fact does have a fun gameplay mechanism and makes the players want to play it constantly. Well, in this article, there are several anime-style mobile games that are currently being loved by anime lovers.

  1. Azure Lane

One of the biggest ship moefication games at the moment is Azur Lane, which has gained considerable success throughout the world. Until now, both the Chinese, Japanese, and Global versions, the developer still routinely provides various updates to the community that is still fairly solid until now.

Azur Lane has a background in world war two. Currently, the game already has more than 100 callous moe girl characters that can be collected. Azur Lane has a gameplay mechanism with side-scrolling genre. The PvE and PvP content it offers are also fairly complete like mobile RPGs in general.

  1. Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is an RPG anime franchise that comes in a battle style similar to Brave Frontier. What’s more, Granblue Fantasy can be played using English language. With Japanese anime-style graphics and music that give us the feeling like Final Fantasy, Granblue Fantasy successfully attracted the attention of anime-style game lovers.

  1. Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is currently still the most favorite game with Hack and slash genre, with the theme of anime. The quality of the gameplay until the developer is quite active in caring for the game makes the Honkai Impact 3 community still consistent today.

The story in Honkai Impact 3 follows the journey of Kiana and his team in the battle against a mysterious force that attacks the earth, Honkai. You serve as the captain of the Hyperion aircraft carrier, and your job is to direct the Valkyrie to fight the Honkai Beast that is spread all over the world. The gameplay of Honkai Impact is quite simple, you are required to defeat all enemies to continue your journey in eradicating the Honkai Beast.

  1. BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party!

This one rhythm game seems to be on the rise here. BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party! is a rhythm game that is quite popular in Japan and has gained anime adaptation in 2017 and is still continuing in 2020. Both the English or Japanese versions, both versions of the game are selling well in the market.

Girls Band Party revolves around five girl groups namely Poppin ‘Party, Roselia, Afterglow, Pastel * Palettes and Hello, Happy World! who work together to succeed a music event that will be held by the band studio where they practice is the Girls Band Party. The game itself is quite fun to play with a mechanism that is almost similar to Guitar Hero, but typical of Craft Egg.

  1. Arknights

Arknights is the latest game made by Yostar known as the developer of Azur Lane. This game has been released globally since January 16th 2020.

Arknights itself has a gameplay mechanism that is quite unique. In general, Arknights carries the concept of TD aka Tower Defense as we know it. But, here the players use characters as towers for enemies. The players are required to organize the team with the various characters provided which of course are present in various rarity.

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