Activision Is Ready To Release The New Call Of Duty Game Through Microsoft Store

In recent days, there have been rumors that Call of Duty is under development, and the latest call of duty series that is rumored to be returning to the war in the Vietnam war era or others.

But now Activision publishing Inc, who known as Publisher for the game call of duty, sekiro, and others are reportedly showing a game that is quite mysterious through the Microsoft Store, the game is called The Red Door which some sources say that the game is the code name of the call of duty 2020, because we know that Call of duty usually releases their newest Call of Duty series every year. But until now they have not notified about the existence of their Latest Call Of Duty.

The Red Door game also makes more sense when associated with the Call of duty series, because the description in the Microsoft store which is in the microsoft table shows that the game is categorized as Shooter, and also the size of the game is quite large, 81.65 Gb, and has a rating for 17+ and above.

But unfortunately the specification table given is only shown on the Xbox One, and the purchase table also seems to be the only selected people who can try the game, because the purchase table only says “Redeem” not labeled Buy, or Get.

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