Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch Has Gyro Aiming Features and Dynamic Lighting

The presence of the Crysis Remastered game announced by Crytek some time ago made the gamers feel happy. Because Crysis has now become one of the legendary games that have the best graphic quality and gameplay in its time.

Crysis Remastered itself plans to come up with a number of improvements that are more focused on improving the graphic and visual quality of this game. The game is also certain to be present for many platforms, one of it is the Nintendo Switch.

Well, recently Crytek has also uploaded a video showing some of the advanced features that will be present in the Nintendo Switch Crysis game.



It is said that there are many features ranging from Vegetation Bending, Destructible Environment, and many more. But one of the coolest features presented in this game is Dynamic Lighting and also Gyro Aiming.

For the Nintendo Switch console, presenting games with Dynamic Lighting support is not easy. Because the Nintendo Switch console is not like the Xbox One or PS4 which has much higher and more powerful specifications.

In addition, the presence of the Gyro Aiming feature also certainly can help players to aim more accurately and quickly. Currently the gyro aim feature itself is still mostly used on the mobile platform.

As information, Crysis Remastered itself will soon be launched on July 23, 2020 specifically for the Nintendo Switch. For PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 the release date still has not been established yet.

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