Top 5 Biopunk Themed Games

     1. Resident Evil Series

Talking about biological things and genetic modification, it is incomplete if it does not touch on the best survival horror series: Resident Evil. RE built a biopunk world that is quite thick starting from the storyline that even includes law and politics regarding bioterrorism, the origin of viruses and other microorganisms in the game, to the design of truly fleshy enemies. Although filled with dialogues and cheesy and crisp events, RE is still one of the series with the best biopunk base.

     2. The Evil Within Series

The Evil Within is a survival horror game with a unique setting, instead of using ‘real’ worlds and monsters, you will survive in STEM, a world built on the basis of sub-concious humans. Of course the pros and cons of STEM depends on the contents of the mind of the owner, in the case of The Evil Within you enter the world of horror filled with mutants. The biopunk element in The Evil Within is increasingly felt through the mechanism of upgrading and backstory from the enemies you meet.

     3. Prey

Prey storylines is about an organization that studies alien species in order to be able to use these alien capabilities in humans. As part of this research, you can use this alien ability through neuromodation or nerve alteration processes. And as is usually the case in other fictitious experiments, alien aliens run away and you have to fight with them, of course this battle will be difficult if you do not have the power of aliens.

     4. Prototype Series

Prototype game is about some individuals who got super powers from dangerous viruses that turn humans into zombies or other abomination creatures. In the game, the protagonist has the ability to turn some limbs into deadly weapons, you also have the ability to ‘consume’ other creatures to become stronger. Your enemy is not playing around, from mutants from the evolution of the Blacklight virus to genetically modified super soldiers.

     5. Crysis Series

In Crysis you act as a warrior who gets super strength from the results of symbiosis of body tissue with Nanosuit, your job is to eradicate Ceph. Ceph is an alien species that seems more intelligent than other aliens in video games, they not only attack the earth blindly, they also attack humans with viruses that turn them into biological networks that can be used by Ceph. But don’t worry, you also have the ability of a reverse engineer to use Ceph technology.

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