Playstation 5 Pre-Orders Will Be Limited To One Person Per Console

Since it was announced some time ago, the PS5 has become the most awaited console. In fact, many netizens have asked the Sony to immediately pre-order, even the hoax news got out that made many gamers in America queuing in several game shops because they were eager to buy PS5.

However, a recent piece of information provides information that the Next-gen console will most likely be sold in a limited fashion. ResetEra forum, which checks JavaScript from the PlayStation Store website, found a code that buyers will get a warning and cannot continue payments when buying more than one PS5.


On the contrary, when only choosing one PS5, the buyer can continue the payment. This also applies to all types, both digital and versions with Disc Player. This certainly shows that Sony means paying close attention so that the PS5 can be distributed fairly.

However, there is still no updated information about exactly when Sony will start pre-ordering the brand-new console. The reason, Sony itself has only just introduced the console, and has not shown the Hands-on console and a detailed explanation. However, if you look at changes in the PlayStation Store, it’s likely that it will be here soon.

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