The Next-Gen Game File Size Can Be Very Large with Unreal Engine 5

The size of game files in the last 5 years arguably increased dramatically from the previous generation. Now, gamers are getting used to when the latest games spend up to 100GB more storage contents. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now penetrates the 200GB number when downloaded with Warzone mode. With the new generation are coming soon, gamers are starting to wonder whether the size of the file will be even greater or more compressed due to the use of SSD.

It seems that the big problem with game files will not improve when the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X releases, at least that’s what was speculated by the developer of a small studio called Kitatus and Friends. Ryan Shah, the main programmer and CEO of the British studio said that the size of game files could skyrocket, at least for games with Unreal Engine 5. This is because one of the main features of this new Epic Games engine is that it is easy for developers to enter film class assets like CGI into the game.

“ I think we already have technology in Unreal Engine 5 where we are able to use mesh, textures and that kind of thing from the original source, large game files will skyrocket due to that and provide us with new challenges. “

If Ryan Shah’s prediction is correct, storage limitations will be a big problem for next-gen consoles. Both consoles have limited capacity, Xbox Series X has 1 TB capacity on their SSD, and PS5 has 825 GB. If each game is the same size as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Red Dead Redemption, then the console is only able to accommodate 4-6 games, of course a little. SSDs are still a “luxury” at the moment and are setting a high price, so gamers will expect optimal optimization by developers in their next-gen games.

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