Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Begins Full Development

Present as a remake game that revives nostalgia from old players, while providing new experiences for old and new players, making Final Fantasy 7 Remake get praise from its fans. However, due to the complexity of the remake version of this game makes Square Enix developers have to divide the game into several parts.

Part 1 itself was liked by its fans and also got high scores from both the media and players, even though the story carried itself was only until Cloud and his friends fled from Midgar. And just like a film series or a film or narrative game, the fans can’t wait to continue Cloud and co adventures in Part 2. And as if understanding that, Square Enix has now announced that they have finally entered the full development phase of the game sequel.

This was stated by Director Tetsuya Nomura and also co-director Naoki Hamaguchi who were interviewed some time ago that they had switched from the planning phase to the full development phase.

Nomura also added that he hopes that the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake can be ready as soon as possible. He also targets to improve quality for the next installation of this Final Fantasy series. Also, he hopes to later be able to announce the roadmap of their games in the future more clearly to the fans.

Final Fantasy Series itself actually should continue to the XVI (16) series one day. But for now Square Enix is certainly still focused on completing this Final Fantasy 7 Remake as fast and as possible, especially that they are also still not sure to divide this game into parts, especially with the “new twist” in this remake version makes the storyline in Final Fantasy 7 This remake can lead anywhere and can be as long as Square Enix want.

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