CrossfireX New Gameplay Trailer

Making its debut in 2007, Crossfire is one of the most popular FPS competitive games and has the biggest influence in the Asian region. After maintaining its dominance for more than a decade and releasing a successor called Crossfire Next Generation, the developer Smilegate Entertainment has finally developed its far more ambitious successor game through CrossfireX.

As you can predict, this game still carries the first person shooter genre with multiplayer as one of its main focuses. Different from the original Crossfire series aimed at the Asian market and provided as free-to-play game, it seems like the developers want to make a game that is at a high level like AAA class games. Not only that, this game will also come with a single player campaign.

Gameplay Trailer


With the single player content, Smilegate certainly can offer a completely new Crossfire playing experience. When viewed from the trailer itself, it seems that modern military conflict will be the main theme that is being realized.

Although it has released a new trailer, unfortunately both Microsoft and Smilegate have not shared information about the release schedule, but CrossfireX is certain to be present for the Xbox One platform and most likely the Xbox Series X as well.

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