Hello Neighbor Will Get A New Sequel

This indie game made by tinyBuild developer did bring a sensation among streamers who were fascinated by the appeal of this unique horror game. The gameplay elements that focus on solving the secrets of the house inhabited by mysterious neighbors is indeed very interesting, because in addition to uncovering the mystery you will also be faced with terror from neighbors who continue to chase you.

Utilizing its already rocketing popularity, the tinyBuild officially announced the sequel to the game. Given the title Hello Neighbor 2, this game will bring you back in a mysterious adventure for the sake of finding the neighbor (Mr. Peterson) who disappeared after the event of his first game. Instead of being curious, you can see the gameplay trailer below.



Present as a sequel, Hello Neighbor 2 brings many new changes starting from the graphics overhaul, Open World settings, more complex and interesting gameplay elements, and AI quality that is much smarter and can adapt to your character’s movements. This announcement also invites great enthusiasm for fans who can’t wait to go back to adventure in the world of Hello Neighbor.

Curious about the game? Hello Neighbor 2 is now entering its first Alpha stage and you can play it free on PC.

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