Intel 7nm Chip To Be Released In 2022

Intel is now finally able to release its 10nm chip after a delay of several years. However, it is now widely known that if they experience problems in the process of developing their 7nm chip, they will experience a release delay.

This information was reported in Intel’s Q2 2020 financial statements. Supposedly, this Intel 7nm chip will be released at the end of the upcoming 2021, but because there are obstacles resulting in a setback to the release time of up to 6 months.

“The presence of our 7nm-based CPU products is about six months back from the previous estimate”

The Intel CEO, Bob Swan said if this problem is referred to as the ‘defect mode’ which makes their 7nm process produces a decline problem. Therefore, Intel will activate their backup plan using third-party foundries.

Of course this is a bad news, given its competitors, namely AMD has succeeded in making 7nm Chip since mid-2019 and through their AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor. Even now AMD has also released Ryzen 4000 based on 7nm fabrication.

However, there is good news that Intel will release the 11th generation Tiger Lake processor according to a predetermined schedule. Of course this continues the 10th generation Ice Lake Intel chipset released this year for laptops. The new generation processor uses the 10nm ++ process and uses the Intel Xe GPU.

Intel is also scheduled to release its 12th generation processor Alder Lake, the successor to Tiger Lake in late 2020.

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