Tetris Effect: Connected, Tetris Game With Rhythm Genre

Microsoft has previewed a lot of games and covering with various genres during the Xbox Games Showcase live streaming event. One of the most prominent multiplayer puzzle games during the event was Tetris Effect: Connected. Since its release in the 80s, Tetris has many variants with different aspects while remaining faithful by inviting gamers to focus on uniting the blocks to be compatible.

One variation of this popular modern version of the game is Tetris Effect. Initially exclusively released for the PlayStation 4 in 2018, Tetris Effect turned the tile-matching game into a Rhythm game.



You are assigned to make block blocks, also known as tetromino, together with electronic music rhythms. The new “zone” mechanics allow gamers to also place several blocks at once, and clear more than sixteen lines simultaneously while listening to trance music. This game also features beautiful graphics to complement the music.

Gamers will get the chance to connect themselves with other gamers with the addition of multiplayer with the name of the game Tetris Effect: Connected which has the latest features including a co-op version to allow collaboration or competition with each other ranging from one to three gamers as well as sharing locally and online.

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