League Of Legends New Hero, Yone

After Lilia, the newest Hero to enter the League of Legends game turns out to be Yone, who is the younger sister of Yasuo. This is not a surprise for League of Legends players, because long before it was released, Yone himself was revealed to be entering as a new hero a year ago through various images distributed on the internet.

Hero Preview


Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic


In the video, players can see various conflicts found in Yone and Yasuo, which ends in Yone who died and finally revived to get his revenge. Yone and Yasuo themselves used swords with enough strength to resemble each other.

In addition, Yone has also been presented in the animated trailer of The Path. Well, the presence of the new hero certainly makes this league of legends game even more interesting to play.

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