PUBG Mobile Season 15 Leaked

Even though season 14 itself will only begin at the beginning of July, Tencent and Timi Studio really always have plans for the main battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. Some leaks about season 15 of this game have started to be scattered on the internet. From some of these leaks, it is certain that Season 15 PUBG Mobile itself will present several new things, including new characters and modes that will enhance the playing experience of chicken dinner hunters.

The plan for Season 15 itself will start 2 days after the end of season 14, which coincides on September 15, 2020. Based on the leak, Royale pass will be priced at 600 UC for Elite Royale Pass, while 1800 UC for Elite Plus Pass.

Beside that, Season 15 itself will also present a new mode called “Virus Mode”. This mode alone will allow you to fight a giant boss in the form of a virus, which is intended as PUBG Mobile’s fight against Corona virus.

New character named Sunny has also been prepared in season 15. Sunny herself is described as a woman with all-black clothes, so far there is no further information, what will be the ability of this latest character.

Although there have been many leaks circulating, the theme to be picked up in season 15 itself is still unknown. In addition to the various news circulating, season 15 itself will be the debut of Erangel version 2.0.

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