[Rumor] God of War 2021 Will Be Announced

After rumors of his PC port had surfaced, this time a new rumor emerged about the sequel to the God of War, popular game made by SIE Santa Monica Studio, and the winner of Game Of The Year (GOTY) 2019. This rumor came from one of the YouTubers named Moore’s Law Is Dead. In his video, Moore’s Law is Dead says that there will be a new God of War game in 2021 for PS5, which will be announced at the State of Play event next August. God of War for PS5 will have fantastic graphics.


In addition to God of War news, the YouTuber also said that there will be a large PlayStation franchise that will be resurrected, which is done directly by PlayStation’s own architectural design head, Mark Cerny. Unfortunately the title of the game is unknown, but when someone asks in the comment column:

“Is the game in question a Metal Gear Solid?”

Moore’s Law is Dead likes the comment.

Not only that, Moore’s Law is Dead also said that there would be a slight increase in PS5 hardware specifications. The RDNA 2 graphic costume on PS5 is not a combination of RDNA 1 and 2, but RDNA 2 and 3, with some parts taken directly from the RDNA 3 architecture. In addition, Sony is also said to have no plans for the current PS5 Pro.

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