Starcraft II Get A New Update For The 10th Anniversary

Since its release, StarCraft II has automatically become one of the best RTS games ever. Blizzard’s alacrity in guiding it into the realm of esports whose tournament continues to be won by South Korean players makes it one of the very popular games in the ginseng country.

Now, do not feel StarCraft II has turned ten years old. Make Blizzard celebrate it with the latest updates and improvements to the game.

One such improvement is present in the map editor’s feature. This time the player can make custom games and make the game campaign easier. Blizzard also presents new features to enhance the player’s experience when playing the game. They also took several elements from the Warcraft III map editor to facilitate their use.

The campaign itself will get a new achievement for DLC Nova. Give players plenty of opportunities to play the game again with the new challenges provided.

While the Co-op will present Prestige Talents. This feature allows the player to play back rank 1-15 for any commander owned by the lure of prestige talent which allows it to be played in a different way.

In the competitive mode itself a timer will be added before the game starts, not after loading is finished. They also give players who enter the custom lobby to choose which server they want.

StarCraft II can now be played for free on a PC via the Battlenet launcher.

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