Anthem 2.0 In Development

Anthem, when we run to the back of this game, we can find an unpleasant note from the game. Various bugs, some call it loading simulator, and others. Even so, there are still some players who still enjoy this game, despite the shortcomings of this game, Anthem does have its own charm for some players. And suddenly Anthem 2.0 appeared. A reworked from the first Anthem.

From the Twitter account @Christiandailey, a Studio Director from Bioware Austin, recently posted a new concept art for Anthem 2.0, the new Pirate faction called Pirates of the Blood Wind.

In addition to the concept of art itself, Dailey also posted a picture showing the location and hiding of the faction. In addition, he also plans to change the loot and gear system in the previous Anthem game.

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