Succubus Video Game

Madmind Studio, publisher and developer of the R-rated game Agony, announced a new game that is no less “exciting” than their previous game with the title Succubus, which is the Spin-Off from Agony game. In this Succubus game, you play as Vydija, the Queen of lust devils, which will be packed in full action with several weapons and rage meters.



WARNING: The following Launch Trailer contains some very explicit elements, nudity, gore, etc., so please make sure you are old enough and your parents don’t always monitor you from behind

Some features in this game, such as :

-Tear the belly of a pregnant woman, eat a baby and drink her blood

-Hit the jaw until it breaks, tore the male genitals and stepped on it.

-And others.

(Match with the name of their studio, Madmind)

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