Killjoy, Valorant New Agent

After being officially released globally, Riot’s newest FPS game has captured the attention of gamers and streamers. It has a gameplay mechanism that feels like CS: GO but has a hero system in it, forming its own characteristics for Valorant. During that time they have not provided the latest hero update again.

Some time ago, the Valorant accidentally leaked details about their new agent, namely Killjoy through their website. Although now the contents of the Killjoy page have been deleted, but one of the Valerant game data miners named floxay, managed to save the data and share it through his Twitter account. You can see footage of the latest Killjoy skills through the uploaded video.

Through data that was accidentally leaked by Valorant too, there is a leak of Killjoy’s skill which you can see below.

Alarmbot – Similar to Razer’s bot that will automatically target enemies, but Alarmbot will only be silent and target enemies who enter his area. In addition to dealing damage, Alarmbot will also make enemies receive double damage from all attacks if hit by an explosion from Alarmbot itself.

Turret – Put on an automatic turret that will distribute several bullets towards nearby enemies. How many attack radius and how much damage is needed to destroy this turret is still unknown.

Nanoswarm – For Nanoswarm itself is a long-range grenade that you can activate with a certain button later. After you activate the Nanoswarm, the enemy in his AOE circle will likely die right away.

Lockdown (Ultimate) – Take out a special turret with a very large radius but can still be destroyed. When active, enemies within the radius area will be disabled for 8 seconds.

Although this leak is enough detail and summarizes what the capabilities of Killjoy. However, in the latest news the Riot has finally officially released a trailer that introduces the agent.

Killjoy Trailer


That’s a brief explanation of the skills and characteristics of a new Agent named Killjoy. His presence in Act 2 later, will certainly provide variations of gameplay in the Valorant matches that you will play.

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