Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.3 Patch is Deployed

Rainbow Six Siege or commonly called R6S becomes one of the multiplayer games whose existence still looks so high even though it has been released for years. Of course, one of the attentions is the presence of an innovation from Ubisoft’s release updates to the game.

Latest, Ubisoft has planned a new update release for R6S. However, this is unlikely to be present in the near future, the article is said to have been delayed because of a problem. Announced via his Twitter account, Ubisoft confirmed that the release of the new update, which was planned to be released on July 28, had to be canceled due to an unexpected problem.

The patch is planned to bring some additions and new innovations to the gameplay mechanism of the R6S such as buffing for some characters, and the addition of 5 HP damage if the player is pushed to the wall after receiving Nomad’s airjabs or Oryx’s dash, the rest can visit the patch notes from the update here. However, on the latest Twitter update Ubisoft confirmed the patch will be released on July 29th. At the time of this article the patch has probably been released.

Apart from that, Ubisoft is also currently developing its latest Rainbow Six series which is likely to become the first Rainbow Six series to be released in the next-gen console in the future titled Rainbow Six: Quarantine.

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