Konami Releases A Build Up PC

Konami is one of the game companies that used to be famous for the MGS series, Silent hill, PES and others, but the game series above seems to have begun to be abandoned, like MGS series, since the departure of Hideo kojima, Konami has made a series of metal gear that is “Meh” like metal gear survive. Now there are also lots of rumors circulating that Silent hill is currently in the development stage, which will be released this year by Aestheticgamer. The last one is PES, which until now is still one of the famous games of Konami.

But besides that, maybe now Konami is trying to colonize the “PC Build up” market which is according from Pc Watch, through Konami announcement where the company is a subsidiary of Konami Holdings Corporation, they have now released 3 variants of PC Build up which named AreSpear. AreSpear released 3 variants that were given the type C300, C700 and C700+.

The C300 will be equipped with the i5 – 9400f specification paired with an Air cooler, 8GB RAM DDR4, equipped with a GTX 1650, 512 GB of storage using the M.2 PCie SSD, coupled with the presence of a Soundcard from Asus Xonar AE. The AreSpear C300 variant is priced at 184,800 yen or around 25 Million Rupiah. (Note: The price is rumored to include tax)

Then in the type of C700 and C700 + equipped with higher specifications than his younger brother using I7 9700, which is cooled using AIO Watercooler, then equipped with Ram 16 Gb DDR4 with a speed of 2666 Mhz, and powered by GPU RTX 2070 Super, the same storage is 512 GB uses PCIe NVme SSD, and uses the same soundcard as C300, the soundcard from Asus Xonar AE.

The difference from the 2 variants only lies in the use of the casing only. In the C700 + variant on the side of the casing uses Glass to make it look part of the PC, but the C700 will be closed normally.

This  PCs will be priced at 316,800 yen for the usual C700 variant. For the C700 + variant, you have to spend more, which is 338,800 Yen. 3 Pc is rumored to be able to you buy at the end of September, but there is no clarity whether it will be available on a Global scale.

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