Rank System Change In The Valorant Act 2

Riot Games has just revealed new changes that will add features to its matchmaking and ranked match system. All changes come next week along with the “Valorant Act II”. This Act functions as a season, later the performance of each player will be assessed in each Act based on the nine best performances and the number of wins. Players will also be given a badge in the form of a play card so that their progress can be reviewed.

According to Riot Games, each player’s skill can be seen from their nine best performances. This system is also claimed to reduce the margin-error in the ranking of players. Riot Games has also provided an Overview feature to help players track their progress in each Act. In this feature, players can track Acts, Episodes, total wins, individual wins, and how much time is left for an ongoing Episode.

Each small triangle represents the ranked match victory obtained from each player. If a player wins in a higher ranked match, then that victory will replace the victory at a lower level, so that only the best performance appears on the Overview feature. While the main triangle shows how far the achievements of players since they started playing Valorant.

A ranked badge will be applied to Act II, and other players can see it. This will be a good illustration of the player’s performance over the past two months. At the end of each Act, a player’s rank record will be saved in the Career tab. At the start of the new Act, players must play three ranked matches whose results are accumulated with the previous Act record to get a new rank.

Riot Games said that they would implement more changes to develop Valorant’s competitive experience. Right now, they are trying to increase transparency and clarity in changing player ranks. Keep in mind that some professional Valorant players have problems with the current rank system. Players with the Radiant rank (highest rank) usually take a very long time to get matches, which is why many of them end up creating new accounts.

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