Clash Of Clans In 2020 [Review]

Who doesn’t know Clash of Clans? Clash of Clans (COC) is a fairly popular strategy game in the beginning of the number of smartphone users or around 2014 – 2015. This game was released in September 2013 by supercell and downloaded more than 500 million users on Playstore. Why is this game so popular? I guess this game is popular because of the uniqueness of this game itself where players set a strategy to break through the opponent’s base and not let the opponent break through his own base. Bases can be set according to what players want, many unique bases have been created by the players of this game so the players feel challenged to break through the opponent’s base so that it does not make this game bored.

I played this game around 2015 to 2016. Because there was a problem with my smartphone and the lack of players around me, I decided to stop playing this game temporarily. At the beginning of February this year I decided to return to playing this game. It turns out that many changes and additional features have occurred in the past 4 years. Here are some changes and additions to the features that I have collected.

Training Troops

If you are an old COC player and just starting this game again you might notice a slight change if you make troops to attack another village or Clan War. These changes are in the type, number of troops made and the time of the training. If previously training certain troops on Barrack can only be done by barrack who reach a certain level to train these troops and there is a maximum amount of training in troops. Now, the amount of troop training in the barrack matches the amount of capacity in the army camp. In addition, certain troop training can be done even if only 1 barrack reaches the level to train these troops. However, if only 1 barrack can train the troops, the training time will be a little time consuming. Training time can be reduced if the player raises the level of another barrack.

Magic Item

Magic Item is also a fairly new thing in this Clash of Clans. Magic items were added in the December 2017 update. As the name suggests Magic Items are items that make it easier for players to build buildings or form troops. Magic Item consists of Potions, Books, Hammer, Runes and Spades. You can get Magic Items by buying them on Daily Deals using Gems, buying Battle Pass, participating in Clan Games or buying them in the Shop.

Super Troops & Siege Machine

If you have a Clash of Clans account at Town Hall 10 or above you will be able to experience using Siege Machine even though at Town Hall 10 you can only enjoy it through donations from clan castle. Siege Machines can only be produced in Town Hall 12 and above and Super Heroes can only be produced in Town Hall 11 and above. Super Hero is an army on Barrack which is stronger and has a larger housing space. And Siege Machine is a tool that brings our troops from clan castle donations. To be honest I am still at Town Hall 10 where I haven’t felt the making of a Super Hero and Siege Machine so I can’t say much about both. However, I have tried both through donations from clan castles.

Request Reinforcement

If you play Clash of Clans and join a clan you will probably be familiar with the request for reinforcement in the clan castle. Supercell recently added a feature where we no longer need to type the troops we want in the comment column, we only need to select the troops, spells and siege machines that we want according to the capacity of our clan castle. So that we don’t have to worry anymore someone who is trolled by sending troops that we don’t need.

Daily Deals

If previously about magic items, now it is Daily Deals where we can buy magic items that we want. Daily deals provide 3 different magic items every day where every day the magic items offered will change. If we buy one of the magic items offered, we cannot buy back the magic item until the magic item is offered again. Purchases are made with gems, each magic item has a different Gem price. (If we are lucky we can buy one of the magic items for free).

Clan Games

As the name implies Clan Games can only be done if you join a Clan. Clans games are games where clan members take the challenges provided, each challenge has a score. The members collect the score to take the reward given in accordance with the stage they have achieved at the end of this game. Each member has a maximum score limit of 4000. There are 6 stages in reward, where each stage has 3 prizes, one of which can be claimed. So if we reach 3 stages in Clan Games we can claim 3 prizes from 9 prizes provided.

Maybe there are still many things that I haven’t explained from the changes that occurred in Clash of Clans such as Town Hall 13, New Heroes, New Troop, Clan War Games, etc. You can find out if you play back or even those of you who haven’t played this game are interested in trying it out.

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