Halo Infinite Will Be A Battle Royale Game ?

This time there is a rumor from one of the reddit users that found a list from the Japanese Xbox Store where Halo: Infinite is written as “Genre: Battle Royale Shooting”. And this time it has been confirmed by the official Twitter account that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play and will support 120fps on Xbox Series X.

From the translate results obtained, it can be confirmed that the information contained on this website and it is true that the website says “Genre: Battle Royale Shooting”.

Japan Website : https://www.xbox.com/ja-jp/games/halo-infinite

This was also labeled FAKE by the HALO community manager in the HALO subreddit, but you have to remember that the website is written like that and the Halo community manager is just an ordinary person who takes care of his community. Now the FAKE stamp has been removed from the post.

But, it is possible that this is a ‘rough translation’ made by the Japanese. If checked on the Microsoft Japan website, it doesn’t say “Battle Royale Shooting”, but “Shooting” only.

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