Football Manager 2021 Release Delayed

Sports Interactive Studio Director, Miles Jacobson. Through the official statement on the website, they said Football Manager 2021 will be released late from a predetermined schedule. With this schedule delayed, he promises to offer features that are stronger than the initial planning. Miles said :

“What I can confirm, apart from all the problems that occur in the world, there will be a new Football Manager game which will be released later this year. This game will be released longer than we planned, but it will have powerful features.”

As for what these features are, Miles is still reluctant to say it. He said that it was still too early to give any details about these features. But he believes that the fans of this game will be happy with the latest features that he and his team will present later.

Miles said the delay factor was the way things worked because of the pandemic. Although he claimed Sports Interactive was accustomed to working remotely with several teams, but moving everyone to work from home, he said this remained a new challenge.

Miles promises Football Manager 2021 will be released on a variety of platforms, and more stores than ever before.

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