Final Fantasy XVI Timed-Exclusive Playstation ?

During the PS5 Event last June, Final Fantasy XVI was supposed to be announced and entered the exclusive PS5 game category, but somehow Square Enix / Sony decided to “postpone” the announcement.

This rumor was first spread by ResetEra user, Navtra, where he was verified by ResetEra website staff that he had information about Sony’s activities in the industry. He also guessed everything that was revealed at the PS5 Event when the minutes before the event started, such as:

– Ratchet & Clank launch title (confirmed)
– LBP spin off (Sackboy: A Big Adventure, confirmed)
– GT7 (confirmed)
– Horizon 2 2021 (confirmed)
– Spiderman 2 teaser (standalone game, confirmed)
– Demon’s Souls Remake (confirmed)
– Avengers exclusive DLC (Spider-Man DLC exclusive on Playstation, confirmed)
– FFXVI (???)
– SE New IP (Project Athia, confirmed)

Then Navtra himself stepped in to give a statement that there were indeed 2 projects that Square Enix was working on, Final Fantasy XVI and Project Athia. If they announce Final Fantasy XVI later in State of Play, it means that there is a possibility that the game will be “timed-exclusive” as in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV.

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