Koei Tecmo Presents Dynasty Warriors Special Trailer

Dynasty Warriors has now entered its 20 years. Starting as a fighting game based on sharp weapons, now the series that popularized the musou genre has become one of the hack and slash games played by gamers around the world. In the framework of this celebration, Koei Tecmo as the developer released a special trailer for 20 years of Dynasty Warriors.



The first Dynasty Warriors titled (Sangokumusō), is a traditional one-on-one fighting game, released in 1997 for the PlayStation. His playing style at the time was reminiscent of Virtua Fighter and Soul Blade.

The next game was released in Japan titled Shin Sangokumusou. This game was released in another country with the title Dynasty Warriors 2, which caused differences in the title number. Starting from Dynasti Warriors 2 onwards, players select playable characters and play a number of levels that represent certain battles in the Three Kingdoms period, eventually defeating all other rival kingdoms and uniting China under a common ruler.

In this game mode, known as “Musou Mode”, generals are usually chosen from one of three kingdoms, namely Wu, Shu or Wei. However, from Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends onwards, independent generals are also given a complete story.

Koei Tecmo himself has not revealed much information regarding the next Dynasty Warriors game, after the mixture of the Open World formula in Dynasty Warriors 9 turned out to be less liked by fans, and received many negative reviews. Even so, the developer himself is preparing Dynasty Warriors 9 for the mobile version, but until now there has been no information regarding the release date.

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