Shroud Recorded More Than 500,000 Viewers In The “Comeback” Stream On Twitch

More than 516,000 people watched Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek’s live broadcast on Twitch yesterday. It was his first live broadcast on the platform since leaving it for almost a year.

Recently, Shroud announced that he will be returning to Twitch after the Mixer platform closes in July. Prior to the announcement, he took a break from his streaming career for about a month.

Although this “comeback” stream recorded a lot of viewers, Shroud faced some audio and video problems in the stream such as the opening video does not produce sound and the video resolution is sometimes limited to 720p.

The issues cannot be fixed and obviously the fans do not care much about the problems that arise. They are just happy to see their favorite streamer return to his original platform.

Apart from recording a very high number of viewers, the 7 hour 37 minute live broadcast also gathered more than 16,000 new subscribers. It also recorded 2 million unique viewers.

According to the TwitchTracker website, Shroud is currently ranked third in the Twitch streamer rankings with the highest number of followers. He currently has 7.5 million followers.

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