Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Update

The biggest update from Call of Duty Mobile to date has been released. Carrying the World War 2 theme, and many new features have been added to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 9. Let’s see what new content appears in the current update one by one.



Gunsmith is the main feature of this update. Gunsmith allows players to create their weapons as freely as possible with the available Attachments. In addition to weapon Attachments, Gunsmith also introduced new Visual customization for weapons such as Camouflage, Stickers, and Charms.


New Gun : KAR98K

Kilo Bolt-Action or KAR 98K is a weapon from the new Weapon Class, namely the Marksman Rifle. With good mobility and short ADS time, this weapon can be carried around the map quickly. This weapon also has a fairly long range and deadly damage, allowing players to get 1 hit kill. Kilo Bolt-Action is a good alternative to the Sniper Rifle if the Player wants high mobility. This weapon can be obtained for free by leveling up Battlepass to Tier 21.


Shield Turret

Shield Turret is the newest Score Streak this Season. By collecting 300 Streak points, players can install a turret complete with a shield to protect players from enemy attacks. Score Streak is suitable for use in modes that require players to survive on objectives such as Domination, Hard Point, as well as Search and Destroy. Shield Turret can be obtained by leveling up Battlepass to Tier 14.


Shipment 1944 New Map

Shipment is a small map with a very fast pace, a fan favorite since the era of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for short Game Modes such as Free for All and Team Deathmatch. Shipment returns to Call of Duty Mobile with the Port version of Call of Duty: WWII. This map is also an option for the Featured Map at the start of Season 9.


Gameplay Changes and Battle Royale Map Expansion

There are significant changes to Battle Royale, especially in terms of Gameplay and Map expansion. Attachments have been removed from Battle Royale mode, replaced by weapon Spawn which already has preset Attachments and Weapon Mods that can be installed to improve weapon performance.

Airdrop now contains Blueprints of Legendary weapons and Gunsmith Loadouts that were previously set by the Player before the game. Armor can be repaired with the Armor Plate to restore the durability lost due to damage. Players can also see the new intro that will appear before the drop starts and the timeline of their match when the match is over.



This time, Battlepass Season 9 gives players various Rewards ranging from characters and other Exclusive Cosmetic Items. There are 4 Epic Characters as rewards from this Battlepass, including Kravchenko, Viktor Reznov, Nikto, and Edward Richtofen. Meanwhile in the weapons section, there are 5 new Blueprints with Epic Rarity available for Chopper, QQ9, M16, Striker, and Kilo Bolt-Action. Battlepass Owner also gets cosmetic items such as Skin Backpack, Weapon Charm, Calling Card, Avatar, Emote, and Frame.


New Ranked Season

After Season 5 of Ranked ended in this update, now a new Ranked Season has started. Players will experience a Rank Reset which causes their Rank to drop from the previous season. In Season 6 Ranked, players will get several prizes from Rank Up such as Epic Character Tengu, Blueprint Epic QQ9. This season starts in August and will end in October.

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