Apple And Google Removed Fortnite From The App Store And Play Store

Apple and Google have removed Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store. This was done by Apple and Google because Epic, as the owner of Fortnite, had violated selling rules in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store markets. On 13/08/20 yesterday, Epic unilaterally implemented a new payment method to be able to buy V-bucks (the exchange tool in Fortnite) directly with a 20% discount from the transfer price.

Interestingly, as if they already knew this was going to happen, not long after the two Giant mobile companies removed Fortnite from their respective markets, Epic immediately filed charges against both of them and said that they both carried out anti-consumer selling practices because they did not give freedom to pay. in consumers. Shortly after, Epic uploaded a video aimed at deriding Apple with the title “Nineteen Eighty-Fornite – #FreeFortnite” which acted as a parody of “1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial”.


Previously, to be able to buy V-bucks you could only pay through the payment methods that were determined by each market. Every purchase, as much as 30% will be deducted and entered into Apple or Google. When Epic implements the direct payment method, neither Apple nor Google will get their share. Obviously it violated the selling rules so Apple took the decision to remove the Fortnite sale page on the App Store and a few hours later Google did the same thing on the Play Store.

Until now, Apple and Google are still negotiating with Epic so that Fornite can return to their respective markets.

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