Demon’s Souls Remake Will Become PS5’s “Launch Title”

At the Playstation 5: The Future of Gaming event, Sony announced Demon’s Souls Remake. This game is a series of action role-playing games based on its predecessor, Demon’s Souls, which has been released for Playstation 3 by FromSoftware.

A few weeks ago, the Spider-Man: Miles Morales rating appeared on a South Korean rating website. At that time, Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the first PS5 game whose rating has appeared and its release has been confirmed.

And on August 20, Gematsu found a rating for Demon’s Souls Remake on a rating website for South Korea and Japan.

The appearance of this rating is a phenomenon that always exists every year. Why ? This rating will be useful later to see the quality of the game. All game developers and publishers need the results of these ratings so that they know the appropriate demographics for the games they have created.

Gematsu also gave him a small note regarding this rating phenomenon, where all Sony games always show their rating about 1 – 2 months before the game will be released. Several games such as Days Gone, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn + Complete Edition, The Last of Us Part II and Predator: Hunting Game are genuine examples of this rating phenomenon.

Nibellion also said that Demon’s Souls Remake could “possibly” be the “launch title” for the PS5. This game also “maybe” will be released after the release of PS5, expect a few days or weeks later the game will appear.

Imran Khan (former senior editor of Game Informer) also gave his opinion. Imran said that usually these games will always be released according to the release of a new console.

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