Black Myth: Wu Kong Will Be A Souls-Like Game ?

The video game industry was shocked by a gameplay trailer for a game called Black Myth: Wu Kong. Because the graphics displayed are stunning and can be aligned with a “Triple A” games.

This game tells about the struggle of a Monkey King or what is commonly called Sun Go Kong / Wu Kong to find holy books as told in classical Chinese mythology which we are familiar with as “Journey to the West”.

The game was developed by an independent studio from China, the Game Science Studio. For those who are curious about the complete gameplay of this game, you can check the video below.



The developers of Black Myth: Wu Kong have confirmed that the game will be released when it is ready as a paid game. This game focuses on the Monkey King, namely Wu Kong and his very special skills. There are about 72 skills that you can use, and in the trailer, several skills have been shown to fight existing enemies.

The gameplay they show in the trailer is the result of developing using Unreal Engine 4 for more than 2 years. The game is far from over, now their goal is to perfect this game to meet people expectations.

According to several game journalists, this game still needs about 2 more years of development before it is eligible for release to the public. Their studio will also definitely seek funding / publisher to help this game.

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