Dynasty Warrior Live-Action Movie Has Finished Filming

The live-action Dynasty Warrior film itself is a series adaptation of the Dynasty Warrior game developed by Koei Tecmo. This film was produced by HMV Digital China Group for the Chinese film market. However, this film has been postponed to become “To be Announced” AKA TBA due to the impact of COVID-19.



Reporting from Twitter Daniel Ahmad (senior analyst of Niko Partners), the live-action Dynasty Warrior film has finished recording and is in the final production stage.

For the direction in this film, the selected director is Roy Choy and Christine To as the writer. This film was also produced by Stephen Shiu Junior. The actors who will later portray the characters in the film are:

  •      Louis Koo as Lü Bu
  •      Carina Lau as the Master of the Sword Forge Castle
  •      Wang Kai as Cao Cao
  •      Tony Yang as Liu Bei
  •      Han Geng as Guan Yu
  •      Justin Cheung as Zhang Fei
  •      Ray Lui as Yuan Shao
  •      Lam Suet as Dong Zhuo
  •      Philip Keung as Zhang Jiao
  •      Law Kar-ying as Lü Boshe
  •      Eddie Cheung as Chen Gong

The film has been confirmed to have a Mandarin and Cantonese version of the dub, but there is a possibility of adding an English / Japanese dub in the future. According to Daniel Ahmad himself, this film will focus on the early history of these 3 great kingdoms.

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