Xbox Announces New Xbox Series X Dashboard & UI Software

Xbox has just announced the new dashboard & UI software for the Xbox Series X. These changes are as usual, but they promise to improve performance and design for a whole new experience.

This update will come to the Xbox One and you can feel new improvements on the Xbox Series X. The performance they promise will increase by 50% load time from before (Xbox One). They also discussed less memory usage, which is 40% less than before for the Xbox Series X. All of this will be more pronounced on the Xbox home screen, guide and store.


From this update, you can feel the home screen loading will be faster than usual. Microsoft developed this dashboard & UI software prior to the release of the Xbox Series X, and this is also a problem they have been going through for years.

In addition to improving the performance of the dashboard & UI software, Microsoft is also starting to simplify the use of their language later. This simplification will take effect with the UI and animation of the Xbox dashboard.

Microsoft has also provided beta access for some testers who want to try this dashboard & UI software before the Xbox Series X comes out. In the past, sharing game clips was very slow and can be frustrating. Now, the “Xbox Experience” feature will make the game clip from your Xbox directly into your cellphone and this will make it easier to share between friends and social media.

You will be able to feel all the updates a few weeks later. The performance improvement will be more pronounced when you try it on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft itself has not issued an official release date for the Xbox Series X, but according to leaks, Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X in November 2020.


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