New Nintendo Switch Model Will Be Released in 2021

Nintendo Switch is the newest console from Nintendo whose has been very popular since 2017. Due to its popularity, several rumors have emerged that Nintendo is making a new Nintendo Switch model. These rumors are very convincing, because in June 2020 Nintendo sold their Nintendo Switch as many as 61 million units.

The latest rumors emerged from a Taipei news website called Economic Daily News. They said that a new Nintendo Switch model will enter production at the end of this year and release in early 2021. According to their report, the model has received some increased “interactivity” and better display quality.

Rumors about this model have actually been around since last year. A Taiwanese website called DigiTimes reported in January that the latest Nintendo Switch model is entering production and will be released at the end of 2020. The Wall Street Journal also made an article about this rumor in 2019 yesterday.

Bloomberg also made an article regarding this rumor and added some additional info. They say that the newest Nintendo Switch model is coming in 2021 along with a strong Nintendo game line. Engine specifications also cannot be given because it is not finished. According to the company responsible for this, they are considering adding “computing power” and “4K high-definition graphics”.

All hardware production schedules from Nintendo will definitely be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nintendo itself just resumed their hardware production in April after they got a lot of demand for the Nintendo Switch.

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