HITMAN 3 PC System Specifications

The presence of this latest Hitman game series is no secret for gamers, because this game is one of the most popular and most awaited stealth games by its fans, coupled with various elements of secret killing that give satisfaction to gamers who play the game.

But for some people who have been waiting for the hitman game through DRM Steam, they will definitely be a little annoyed and at the same time have to wait until the predetermined news appears, because Hitman 3 is reportedly an Exclusive Timed on the Epic Games Store so for DRM Steam users it looks like you have to be patient for a while. Besides that, there are other unique things in this hitman 3 game, some of you must know that in the Hitman 1 series, Square Enix is in control of Publishing, but now Hitman is fully held by IO Interactive who is the developer of the Hitman game.



But if you are ready to pre-order or buy the Hitman 3 game through the Epic game store, it looks like you have to see or prepare your PC, because the specifications provided by the Epic Games store this time are enough to make us happy for gamers who have just assembled their PC. . Hitman game specifications to reach the Recommended specifications are not too heavy. You can see below:

In addition, Hitman 3 plans to release in 2021 but until now IO Interactive has not provided a more detailed release schedule about this latest Hitman series, but hopefully there will be no delay or postponement about this game because we know that until now we are. still hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which still haunts the whole world.

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