Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch 1.03 Fixes Some Crash Issues

Released on PC as one of the first PlayStation 4 exclusive games to break from its “cage”, Horizon Zero Dawn’s debut didn’t seem like it was going smoothly. This is because of the many problems that some players have experienced. Especially the crash problem that occurred a few days after the game was released.

Guerrilla Games has tried hard to fix it through patch 1.01 and 1.02, but some players still complain that they are still experiencing the crash problem. The good news is, the developer from Amsterdam will continue to improve it.

Through patch 1.03 released on September 1st 2020, Guerrilla Games explained that they had fixed some crash problems that were also experienced by some players. The patch also fixes the snow deformation bug or snow that doesn’t change shape when stepped on, so that skill concentration or slow motion doesn’t work for some players.

Unfortunately, it seems that Guirrella doesn’t show any changes through this update. Some problems like stuttering, framerate drop, and problems from patch 1.02 are still happening. However, the low resolution issue of the model when playing Horizon Zero Dawn at 4K resolution also seems to have been fixed. You can read the details of the patch through their posts at the following link.

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