Call of Duty Mobile Leaks Next Season Map

The Season 9 update of Call of Duty Mobile arrived 2 weeks ago. Lots of new content has arrived, starting from Gunsmith, Shipment, Finest Hour, Thermite, Weapons and new Scorestreaks. Even though Season 9 is a huge update, Players are still unsatisfied and curious about the content from Season 10. The good news is, the official Call of Duty Mobile account has leaked about the new maps that will be coming in the next season.

On August 29, 2020, the Official Call of Duty Mobile Account posted a blurry image with the caption “Attention passengers, Flight #: 83764625 is now boarding!”

The biggest possibility for the new Season 10 map is Terminal, a fan favorite since the era of Modern Warfare 2. Terminal is a medium-sized map that focuses on medium range combat, so the Assault Rifle and SMG are effective weapons on this map. With a map design that is mostly covered with roofs of buildings, aerial killstreaks like VTOL are less effective to use. Players can bring stationary killstreaks like the Sentry Gun and Turret instead.

There has been no further news on what content will be present in the Season 10 update. Surely this update will come after Season 9 ends in September 2020.

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